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Carnival Time – St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands 2013-2014

Carnival Time - St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands 2013-2014

Carnival Time!

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Come and Stay A While!

Come and Stay A While!

Cruise in Port at Fredericksted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands Harbor.

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Cooling Out

Cooling Out

I sat at the waterfront in Fredericksted, which to me is the most picturesque and ideallic view of a harbor that one could ever be blessed to lay eyes on in their entire life. So I sat there on the familiar bench where my Grandfather, the great Boss Pete used to sit with Mr. Powell in the cool evenings and pass time chatting with each other about this and that among the cement pillars that were connected by the heavy iron chains that I used to walk along the way as far as my grandfather would let me go, pulling on them and watching them swing behind me in unison.
So I was sitting there for gazing out at this most splendid view when unbeknownst to me, moments turned into minutes, minutes turned in more and time just passed. I lost myself in my thoughts, nice thoughts as such a view as this on such a perfect day as this only brings nice thoughts to mind.
And then I became aware that I was just sitting there doing nothing. And realized that I was doing a thing that is known among us Virgin Islanders as cooling out!

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The Spectacular Cruzan Sunset Show

The Spectacular Cruzan Sunset Show

Putting on a show!

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Sunset at Fredericksted Harbor, St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands

Sunset at Fredericksted Harbor, St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands

A Cruzan sunset will stop you in your tracks and mesmerize you with its grand performance!

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Sandy Point, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Sandy Point, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

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The Beach at Sandy Point, St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands

The Beach at Sandy Point, St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands

Now, I’ve been to many beaches and by far St. Croix beaches are among the most pristine. With sand as white and soft as snow in many areas and water so so very clear that you can see all the smallest and most opague fish swim by from a distance. Waters dance between the color spectrums of jade & sapphire blues and turquoise and emerald greens. The clarity of the water combined with the rays of sun beaming down creates bouncing diamonds all around you.
Enter the water and immerse yourself and the coolness, freshness and the healing properties of the water envelope your entire body and caress you and it always happens with me that I feel this intense release of stress leave my body as I sink down into my soak. Awwwwww!

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True Experience Travel Journal of The Traveling Sistah – A Blast in Miami!

Well, I’ve got to say that the best girlfriends’ getaway I’ve ever had was for my dearest friend’s Arlene’s Big 5o.  Her theme for her birthday was Fifty, Fierce and Fabulous and that she is!  It was 6 of her closest girlfriends and we arrived in Miami last September ready to have a blast!

Arlene had arranged for us to stay at the swanky and ultra-exceptional Fontainebleau Hotel right there on Collins Ave. in the heart of Miami Beach.  My goodness, that place was so swank and so beautiful I was just beside myself.  The chandeliers in the lobby is what really got me.  I had previously read that upon their remodeling project they had invested millions into those chandeliers and that was their signature decor.  Well it was worth every penny that they spent because those chandeliers were spectacular day or night.

My favorite part of the hotel was the lobby with the Bleu Room.  It was so, so classy and I love upscale and classy things. 

The pool area of the Fontainebleau was off the chain!  And fun, if you ever did see fun!!! The champagne was popping and flowing!  Have you ever been rained on with champagne!  That was quite an experience!  Especially sweet since we weren’t buying!!

The beach area and boardwalk at the Fontainebleau was exclusive and reclusive! It was just a nice private and beautiful spot.  The water was clear and crisp!  The beach was nice and shallow.  The sand was soft & cool!  And the attendants were really nice candy for our eyes!! Both male and female depending on your preference!

There are two night clubs in the Fontainebleau, Liv and Arkadia, both are ultra exclusive clubs with official looking strong men standing at the door picking and chosing the prettiest people to go in and they are known to be frequented by celebrities such as Jamie Foxx!  On the Saturday night there were herds of limos pulling up with night lifers!  We felt so privileged because we were guests of the hotel and all we needed to do was come down from our room to get a taste of this swank life!

Arlene was the most gracious hostess with the most class and style.  Her condo on the 20 something floor of an undisclosed location in the swanky district of Miami overlooking the bay was idealic!  What a life I say.  Arlene, you’ve outdone yourself!! The atmosphere there was so sirene and balanced.  There you could truly take a deep breathe.

But lounging around at the condo or the hotel room was not on the agenda at all.  We were gals on the go.  Between shopping in the 5th Ave. district, dining in the Design District, cruising through South Beach and styling at Delano’s, we were gals on a mission to have a Blast in Miami!!

Arlene, being the spirit of enlightenment that she is, had arranged and planned some truly metamorphic experiences for us ladies.  The two things that took the cake was the Tantric Goddess Workshop hosted by Allan McPhee.  Although, I put up a polite protest that there is only one God, I did embrace the idea of bringing out the God-power that dwells in each of us, often dormant.  That workshop was the first ever like that I’d been to and it was quite an experience.

Then there was the stressful but turned out to be extremely fruitful vision board assignment that my dear friend had assigned to us from even before the trip.  We had to present our vision boards during our girls slumber party!  It turned out that the vision board was something that we all needed for our lives.  And to this day, I am still referencing my vision board.

To my dear friend, Arlene, I say thank you for a Fierce and Fabulous Blast of a Miami Great Escape!








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A Wardrobe Emergency Like None Other

So I’m on my beautiful island of St. Croix. And one of the days, I decide to go down to the Fredericksted pier to photograph & film the panoramic view of West End from the pier. Just beautiful. Like this…. See….

Well, I had had my ocean dip the day before and didn’t think I would “need” a dip again today. I was just focused on my project so I did not wear or even bring a swimsuit with me.

So, I’m on the pier completely surrounded by the beautiful deep blue water of our beautiful Caribbean sea. And there photographing and filming the water…. And I’m there looking at that water. It was so blue and so crisp and so refreshing and it was just whispering to me, jump in. At one point, I was on my knees doing a close up of the water and I just felt like tuppling myself over head first into the water, just fall in. Just like that.

Then it was a bit warm….in February and I really felt like I could use a dip!

But I had no swimsuit. My friend Karen was with me and she was like, “you know yourself, that you can’t resist this water. Why would you leave the house without your swimsuit. You should never leave the house without your swimsuit!”

And we were planning to hit the Jazz in the Park right by the pier which was to begin in an hour. We had gotten the perfect parking for the jazz fest because we’d gotten there early to film the pier. So we didn’t want to leave and go up the road to my Aunt house to borrow one of her swimsuits and lose our perfect parking.

So, in distress and extremely miserable, I did the only thing I could do!!! I went in the water with all my clothes on!!!! Lord, Jesus!!! It was wonderful. And I thank my cousin Robert for getting this great picture of me in the water with my clothes on as the sun was setting.

Copywrite 2012 Great Escapes Travel All Rights Reserved


Morale of this story is that when you are in America’s Paradise – St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands don’t leave the house without your swimsuit.  The water is irresistable and a beautiful beach is always right around the bend!!

Written & Produced by Carol M. Hall, The Traveling Sistah, One Cool Gal & Her Camera

Copywrite 2012 All Rights Reserved

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How Stella Can Still Get Her Groove Back!!!

Do you need to get your groove back?

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